Benefits of FreshOMEGA

FreshOMEGA™ Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil

“Like Eating Fresh-Caught Atlantic Salmon”  


FreshOMEGA™ Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil is extracted from fish that have only hours ago been swimming in the pristine waters of Norwegian fjords.  


Never frozen or winterized prior to extraction, it is truly akin to eating freshly caught Atlantic salmon!


Now you can get all of the same health benefits of fresh, whole Atlantic salmon – in a single convenient softgel.**


Easily digestible and quickly assimilated by the body, it is an ideal source of the full spectrum of Omega fatty acids necessary for optimal well-being.**


The highly prized source of certified-sustainable salmon oil found in FreshOMEGA™ is passed to you with confidence in the interest of your family’s good health.   


High Standards of Environmental Oversight  


While traditional extraction used industry wide relies upon harsh methods of oil extraction, our delicate patent-pending process assures true extra-virgin salmon oil that meets or exceeds freshness and contamination standards set by the Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED).