10 years ago

With so much diversity in protein source, and dining trends that favored meat, poultry and pork, people ate less fish than ever before.  Fish oil supplements flooded the market but perhaps not soon enough to prevent a cardiovascular epidemic.  In addition, the supplements that rose to favor were not well scrutinized and lacked the nutrients profiles found in fresh fish.

Fish processing for the fish oil supplement industry included unsafe practices that killed off half of the nutrients and essential fatty acids so desirable in whole fish:  Distillation, fractionation, purification by bleaching, reconstitution of oils and general mistreatment of fresh catch cause nutrients found in fish to match in name only.

The light at the end of the tunnel?

Innovative scientists concerned with quality and sustainability not only sourced the purest fish, but began to develop a uniquely gentle method of extraction to protect critical nutrients that make up extra-virgin salmon oil (EVSO) for the purest, nutrient-dense product.