For a millennium humans have derived health benefits from consuming salmon in its natural, whole form.

Now all of the same nutritious and wholesome benefits of freshly caught salmon come in a

single easily digested extra-virgin salmon oil softgel!**


Origin of FreshOMEGA™ Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil


Our FreshOMEGA™ Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil is sourced purely from free-range salmon, raised in progressive, low-density open-ocean enclosures with natural conditions that allow fish plenty of space to adopt native schooling habits.  


Our Atlantic salmon can be found in the coldest, clearest, deepest and cleanest water on earth:  

The pristine Norwegian fjords.  


It is here that these robust fish enjoy the natural conditions of their birthright in an environment as close to wild as possible.  There is never any attempt to create genetically modified salmon (GMO).


This approach makes use of an enviable natural environment that is protected by careful measurement of nutrient availability and waste removal.  


This progressive form of sustainable open-ocean aquaculture design ensures nurtured fish pose no threat to other local fish populations. 


No wild species are compromised, and commingling of species is never allowed.


This revolutionary method meets – and often exceeds – all possible requirements for sustainable aquaculture in addition to producing the best possible quality of fish.


It’s your assurance of the finest quality extra-virgin salmon oil available anywhere today.