Sustainable EVSO

Sustainable EVSO

MRM’s FreshOMEGA™ Extra Virgin Salmon Oil is sustainably sourced from Atlantic salmon, raised using a state-of-the-art environmentally friendly method called progressive open-ocean aquaculture.


Long-studied by Norwegian scientists, this most recent iteration of open-ocean aquaculture is an ecologically viable way to protect and raise salmon in their own natural environment, without straining wild supply or contributing to open-ocean pollution.   


Salmon are one of a half dozen types of fish for which large-scale open-ocean aquaculture has been successful.  Many countries have begun to embrace this move toward resource protection, but Norway leads the world as the largest producer of Atlantic salmon, with a yield of 950,000 tons in 2010.†   


Progressive open-ocean aquaculture is the practice of raising and nurturing fish in wild conditions – without many of the negatives associated with past iterations of open-ocean aquaculture.


This sustainable practice also enables control of important variables – such as the propagation of select species, protection from wild supply and disease-bearing organisms – while exposing fish to a favorable, nutrient-rich ecosystem and quality feed.   


Most important, progressive open-ocean aquaculture protects world fish supply, and prevents the depletion of marine populations currently burdened both by over-fishing and unintentional catch of marine species by commercial fishermen.


†Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs