Traceable EVSO Production

When it comes to food, source is everything. Enabling our customers to trace the precise origins of the salmon oil found in FreshOMEGA™ softgels means as much to us as it does to your family.


MRM’s FreshOMEGA™ EVSO is sourced from salmon sustainably raised in the cold clear waters of the Norwegian fjords. This gives us the opportunity to trace every step of the process – from the early part of the salmon lifecycle to the harvest and extraction of oil.


Throughout each year, our suppliers analyze hundreds of samples from both fish and feed to ensure salmon grow under the best conditions, and yield healthy, fresh filets and oils worthy of the moniker “extra-virgin salmon oil.”


Our unique Guaranteed Traceability System (GTS) allows anyone to locate the precise open-ocean site and fjord of the very salmon that went into a particular batch of salmon oil softgels.  


It’s our way of offering you a unique birds-eye view of the source of your FreshOMEGA™ Extra-Virgin Salmon Oil.


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